clew Price: $0.00117 Market Cap: $176000 02 June, 2021 #4 of Votes
Ethereum: 0x79C6d5aAd23b3795B1D95CC9740A2f6df7F4ED70

Description Clewee is an online interactive marketplace NFT CREATION SERVICES EXPLAINED Clewee Nft creation services currently cater for Six use cases with more to be added. The Nft creation services are available at Currently the six individual Nft creation use case types are – real estate, education training and workplace, healthcare, intellectual property, financial services, real world and digital assets. Clewee Nfts are available for use by individuals, business, institutions and government. The Nft services are designed to meet the individual needs of each market sector. Clewee (clew) is a ERC-20 Token available on Uniswap V3 ???? Clewee Details ???? ???? Live now on Uniswap V3 ???? Symbol: Clew ???? Total max supply: 150,000,000 ???? Token Address : 0x79C6d5aAd23b3795B1D95CC9740A2f6df7F4ED70 ???? Uniswap V3 direct link - ???? Todays price per Clew : 0.0000005259 Eth ???? Clew token is paired with Eth on uniswap ???? You need Eth in your wallet to purchase ???? Website : ???? WHITEPAPER ???? ????OFFICIAL LINKS ???? Telegram: ???? Twitter: ???? Youtube : ???? Website :