CATGE Price: $0.0000000002 Market Cap: $734,000 13 May, 2021 #14087 of Votes
Binance Smart Chain: 0x3e07a8a8f260edeeca24139B6767A073918E8674

The CATGE is here for revengeDogs' time is up CATGE is here for revenge and to reclaim his leadership over the internet. CATGE is the first token of a large collection to be launched this week, all part of the CATGE Army. CATGE is an open source project entirely driven by the community. Whoever joins the CATGE army enjoys the following benefits: -

Reward system CATGE V2:
5-5 until 31 August
4-4 until 31 October
2-2 until 31 December
And then it goes to 0

Ex. 5% holders - 5% LP


No more trade commission Why auto LP and holders rewards is temporary? Because CATGE aims to become a real exchange token, not a "hold and dump" coin like. Make sure to set slippage to 14-15% before buying and shill with us, and welcome to the CATGE army. The owner has renounced ownership and burned his tokens.


Saraconor 1 month(s) ago

oh. cool)))

Somany 2 month(s) ago

Personally, I keep from the first day......Rocket

Saddam 4 month(s) ago

Good project

Stonex One 4 month(s) ago

State alla larga, truffa!!

Donatello Cembran 5 month(s) ago

Great project! Remember to buy the CATGE V2 and hold it!

Ganang Ismail 6 month(s) ago

Kucing penurut pasti melesat

Ferdinando Stefanuto 6 month(s) ago

great project! go see the site!

Dega 6 month(s) ago

Catge rocks!!

Dega 6 month(s) ago

Go little catge!!!!