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Launch Date
01 June, 2021
BNB Smart Chain(BEP-20)
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Welcome To Caretta Finance Token CARETTA(CRAFT) is an Autonomous yield and Liquidity generation protocol. Every time someone buys or sell CARETTA token, the total supply goes down and the HODLers get rewarded. Every transaction also creates liquidity, which is automatically LOCKED. Caretta Token works by taking a 10% fee on every transaction. This is divided into two parts REWARDS and LIQUIDITY. The REWARDS is a 5% transaction fee, which is distributed to every wallet that holds Caretta Token on a percentage basis. The more Caretta Token you hold, the more rewards you will receive. The “DEAD” (Burn) wallet, receives the most percentage to burn. The second part is LP GENERATION, which is often referred to as Liquidity. This part gets 5% transaction fee and deposited back into the PancakeSwap liquidity pool, which is also LOCKED FOR 5YEARS (2026).

Olivier Scory
Top coin and best project ???????????? look and join frankly great ! and only 160 holders this day so an imminent explosion ????