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05 September, 2021
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BITA is the native token of the BitAstir DaSO (Decentralized Sports Organization) & ACMn (Athletic Capital Market’s network). The token plays 3 roles within BitAstir; Firstly, it is the reserve collateral needed to instantiate a bitAthlete & access the "bonding/tokenization/IAO”. Second, it endows its owner with rights to governance & voting within the DAO. Lastly, BITA is the unit of account within the protocol/ecosystem. At its simplest, BITA captures the value in arbitrating out legacy institutions fees, & facilitates the instantiation of Digital bitAthletes. The Ultimate goal of the BITA token is to become an alternative monetary asset that complements, supplements & ultimately supersedes all adjacent/preceding forms of money. Through meticulous design & rigorous simulations/backtesting the BITA token has been purpose built to satisfy the foundational primitives of a monetary asset, with the added benefits of public blockchain transparency to align & sustainably fuel stakeholder-network activity. Whitepaper: Medium: 1Inch: UniSwap: DexTools: VinDAX: .