Bimp Finance

BIMP Price: $0.0000000011 Market Cap: $1,110,931 01 August, 2021 #322 of Votes
Binance Smart Chain: 0x8855cfba493d8a22f924a5ce1b06efbcea68ffec

BimpFinance is the future of NFT merchandise selling for female online streamers. Our vision is to provide a platform where female streamers can sell different NFT merchandise and gain commissions and royalties from every NFT sold through their channels. The long-term sustainability of the project is to generate income from NFT sales and royalties rather than just relying on price speculation. WE ARE PIONEERING THE FUTURE OF NFTs We are the first ever to combine NFT and online merchandise sales. We will be the first to incubate a new model of revenue generation for female streaming businesses. We are one of the first to tokenize the collective ownership of NFT sales and royalties. BimpFinance is not another website and meme coin. We are building a real world use case to protect the investment of the last buyers after the pump and give value to long-term holders.