Apollo Token

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24 June, 2021



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Binance Smart Chain: 0x9d817cca5664adf822f29fcd64f2e031cc154c84

A Next Generation Solution
With these changes, Apollo aims to solve many of the issues that are currently negatively affecting the defi space, making it the first of it’s kind second generation deflationary token that prevents price manipulation and ensures the long-term longevity of the project.

Reasons to hold Apollo Token

Rewarding Holders
Keep holding your Apollo tokens, and you will earn more. For each transaction, a 6% fee is sent back to our beloved holders.
Inventive Construction
With a combination of burning, automatic LP filling and rewarding of holders, Apollo is set to rise!
Completely Secured
Audited smart contract, no big devs holding, Liquidity Pool locked for 5 years!