AIPI Price: $0.0006853031300500 Market Cap: $3,392,250 13 June, 2021 #4 of Votes
Binance Smart Chain: 0x4e0f0401b67854852fe4f6359147d95b3faf72b4

Firs of all, what does AiPi mean? Well, Ai stands for Artificial Intelligence and Pi is the symbol of the Golden ratio and excellence.
AiPi Chain aims to be a new secure and reliable blockchain platform for the new age of digital money. It will be possible to store cryptocurrencies, earn rewards for staking and swap or sell your cryptos. With the incoming mobile app it will be possible to have a wallet and send money instantly and globally or pay contactless through your smartphone.
The community owns it and the voting power of each person is give from the number of AiPi tokens owned. What AiPi wants is simply becoming independent and everyone to be their own bank.