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11 September, 2021
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🔥🔥🔥DEAR COMMUNITY🔥🔥🔥 $ADACatto$ has just received The Midnight Show's former Platinum now.. 💎Diamond Seal of Approval💎 ✅ Dev doxxed to TMS/Antirugbsc ✅ Antirugbsc gets access to CA before deployment to make sure all possible malicious functions can not be accessed after deployment. ✅ TMS/Antirugbsc being the 3rd party multisig on CA 🔥Our updated plans are as follows:🔥 ADACatto, aka, $ADAC is an insider vetted BSC token that rewards our fellow ADAC holders with Cardano ($ADA).🚀 Why ADA as reward? 🤔 🤔 Because we know its potential to dominate. We want to contribute to the ever growing ADA community. Join us and celebrate this Bull Run! 👊👊 😼 Team CATTO 😼 ➡️Founded by a bunch of highly technical BSC nerds. ➡️Our team member roles & expertise: 🔹Web developer 🔹Solidity developer 🔹2 Graphic designers 🔹Software QA Engineer 🔹Marketing Executive 📈 Growth Plan Roadmap. 📈 The Bull is here, and we all know what this means for the BSC space! 📍 We know volume drives & triumph rewards. ➡️To ensure our community reaps the most comprehensive gains, our marketing executive has lined up waves of marketing to be deployed accordance to every ATH target with our 'Support, Push, Pump, Support' procedure. 📢✅ 📍 We know the importance of branding and authenticity to build trust and help grow the community. Setup Support 1. Smart Contract tested ✅ 2. Website built from ground up by our web dev. ✅ 3. Logo, branding, visual identity, ✅ stickers for community engagement. ✅ 4. Recruiting Brand Moderators from varies continent and time zone to engage and inform community. Ongoing ☑️ Initialise Push 5. Social media presence. 🔹Twitter 🔹 Reddit, CMS Post TBA 🔹Telegram Crypto Groups. Ongoing ☑️ Pump Exposure 🔥🔥🔥 6. CoinMarketCap Listing 7. Dextools Trending List 8. Btok ads campaign 9. Community Shill competitions 10. Community Stickers competitions Hodlers Support 💪💪💪 11. Community Diamond Hand Hodltron (ADACatto biggest community reward event.) 💎🙌🏻 📊 Token-Economics ADAcatto Tokenomics: ▪️9% ADA rewards ▪️5% Marketing ▪️3% Liquidity ▪️Total Supply: 100B ▪️Max sell per tx: 500m ▪️Max buy tx: 1B ▪️Max wallet: 1B ADACatto Safety Features: ⁃ The contract has the option to change the ADA Reward fee, but also a security mechanism to make it at least 6%. ⁃ The marketing fee can’t be set higher than 7%. ⁃ The liquidity fee can’t be set higher than 12%. ⁃ The contract has a MaxSellTransactionAmount function. To avoid any malicious activity, it can’t be set lower than 100m ADACatto ⁃ We implemented anti-bot measurements. Bots that are detected get taxed 80% in total. 50% goes to ADA rewards, 25% to liquidity and 5% for marketing. Presale will be Friday 10th September 7PM UTC on Dxsale. ⏰ 👉🏻 😺 75/150 SC/HC An AMA will be held with Devs and Team in The Midnight Show channel on Friday 10th September at 5PM UTC followed by VC in our channel leading up to the Presale. Have your beans ready!!!!!!! ➡️ADACatto Tg: ➡️ADA Website : ➡️Twitter: ➡️Reddit: ➡️The Midnight Show Tg: