Franklin (FLY)

What Is Franklin(Fly) ?

Designed for use in the Franklin (FLY) VRM and Black Ocean ecosystem. Also, this token is in the ethereum network, which aims to provide some benefits to its users. So what are these benefits?

You can use FLy as a designated market maker in liquidity and quota provider roles. It provides a 25% discount when you use FLy for transactions performed on the VRM. FLy’s target audience is; It covers blockchain projects, traders, miners, and over-the-counter trading platforms. In addition, if the user uses FLy for transactions made through Black Ocean, the buyer pays less commission.

Additionally, looking at the project site, 1,170,600 of the FLy with a supply of 1,700,000,000,000 have been burned to raise the value of the token.

In the future, the token can use for “staking”, mining and various investment vehicles.


VRM is a platform that offers “High Frequency Trade” (HFT) and allows users to buy and sell in crypto markets with artificial intelligence. How is this strategy determined? Based on “signal” indicators developed by algorithms, it buys and sells cryptocurrencies instead of people, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Black Ocean

We can imagine the existence of the VRM – Black Ocean – FLy triangle Black Ocean is a platform for whales and traditional stockbrokers. On other crypto exchanges over the Black Ocean, the impact of pricing is minimal. An experienced team in the crypto and finance industry has created Black Ocean, which is highly individual to its competitors. It is only available to people who have passed the whitelist approval.

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