Elon Musk had offered to buy Twitter along with his Twitter share. Now there is a move from the founder of Tron.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has offered $54.20 per share to acquire Twitter. Shortly after Musk’s move, Tron Founder Justin Sun also wanted to be another person who wanted to buy Twitter. He offered to pay $60 per share.

The Sun has agreed to support Musk’s proposed changes to the platform, including an edit button, freedom of speech, a subscription service with Dogecoin payment availability, and a ban on advertising. Elon Musk had caused an increase in the price of Dogecoin (DOGE) by over 5% with his purchase offer.

Justin Sun had stated on April 14 that he could make Twitter a better platform. Moreover, like Elon Musk at Sun, he aims to make Twitter a crypto-specific and Web3-friendly platform. Justin Sun wants to make Twitter private and decentralize its workforce, while at the same time making it neutral and less U.S.-based. But the Tron founder has so far not made an official offer directly via Twitter, although he has offered a higher share price than Musk.

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