As we leave 2021 behind, let’s examine the most increasing metaverse and meme coins of the year.
The Metaverse has become the segment of the cryptocurrency market fueled by Facebook’s renewal as Meta. While the segment has been depleted since its all-time highs, metaverse and gaming-related coins took the top two positions in this year’s top 10.

The Most Increasing The Metaverse

Sandbox, $SAND +16.265%
Axie Infinity, $AXS +16,160%
Decentraland, $MANA +3.94%

The Metaverse has become a segment of the cryptocurrency market fueled by the renewal of Facebook as a Commodity. Although the segment has sold out since the all-time highs, coins related to the metaverse and games have taken the first two places in this year’s top 10.

The Metaverse project Sandbox(SAND) has recorded a 162-fold increase. Then he set his sights on the first places to win with the best slot game giant of this year, Axie Infinity.

The rival metaverse Decentraland was the number seven favorite of this year after the MANA coin increased by about 40 times.

Finishing off the Metaverse winners is Sky Mavis’ crypto adventure game, Axie Infinity. The AXS token became the second highest earner of 2021, increasing by 16,160%.

Meme Coins

Dogecoin, $2.94%
Shiba Inu, $SHIB +1.608%

Which is the next dog coin?

He promoted a whole new category of “memecoin”, including the best-performing Dogecoin and the DOGE derivative Shiba Inu (SHIB).

The rise of Dogecoin began in the first half of the year and reached an all-time high of $0.74. From year to year, the statistic increased by about 3,000%.

As DOGE subsided in the second half of the year, derivative project Shiba Inu’s SHIB token came under the spotlight. It gained 1.608 percent and is last in the top 10 of this year. The success of DOGE and Shib launched several more tokens around the Japanese dog breed, including $FLOKI, $ELON, $HOGE and $DOGGY.

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  1. This website is giving always good information, thx again, and If possible reasearch about $ROSE

  2. Sandbox is really promising. I didn’t win any of their airdrops. There just were too many participants. I’m so going to buy SAND if they manage to survive the bear run.

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