Senator Elizabeth Warren presented sanctions on Russia and new laws on the use of Russian crypto. At a Senate Banking Committee hearing on March 17, she announced the introduction of the “Digital Asset Sanctions For Compliance Enhancement Act”. The announced bill includes a joint union of 10 other Democratic senators, including the leaders of the Agriculture Committees.

The Joint Senators are ; Duckworth, Cortez Masto, Menendez, Van Hollen, Warnock, Smith, Stabenow, Reed, Tester and Warner.

Senator Warren said at the hearing: “The crypto industry claims that Russians cannot use crypto to hide their wealth.”

The White House needs to prepare a report on all crypto service providers that have a connection with Russia. In addition, the Treasury is given a comprehensive authorization to prevent crypto service providers from trading at any address or address associated with Russia.

The bill is not yet available in the Congressional dossier. But The Block has obtained a final copy.

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