What Is Solana ?

The blockchain network Solana, which is gradable, is a project with a validation entry. The messaging burden of nodes in the network is light. It is a project that has largely solved the problems of rating and has a significant advantage. It does not need multiple or side chains and facilitates the creation of a high-efficiency Blockchain. Thanks to this feature, about seven hundred and ten thousand transactions per second occur on a gb network.

Solana quickly gained momentum after being listed on Binance. Based on the trading volume and the number of monthly visitors, it is very clear that Binance is one of the largest exchanges in the industry, visited by more than twenty million people per month. It has already made a difference to its competitors with the number of visitors.

A new crypto project listed on Binance is on the rise rapidly and it wins. Solana is one of the new cryptocurrencies. It is valuable since it is listed. Solana’s alias is “Ethereum killer”, because the number of transactions per second is so high, the token was briefly $0.7, but then it was $1.04. Thus, it has provided its investor with a profit of up to 50%.

Technologies ;

Solana, which stands out with its rating
When the Solana project was announced, it was stated that it was wrong to put its safety at risk. Solana has developed them without the complexity of sharding by taking the existing Blockchain algorithm. It is the world’s first web-scale Blockchain and its 8 key technologies demonstrate high performance. These:

  • Proof of history
  • Tower BFT
  • Turbine
  • Gulf Stream
  • Sealevel
  • Pipelining
  • Cloudbreak
  • Archivers

With these 8 innovations developed, the Solana network will continue to develop rapidly. Thanks to other features in the project, it will make you feel the difference.

Other projects taking place in Solana,
Decentralized exchanges: Users in the decentralized trading system Solona do not touch their private keys. On the other hand, Blockchain copies order books in the most secure way. It is for companies with decentralized applications, in line with the transaction volume of the Nasdaq with the number of transactions per second.

Payments: Solana transaction costs are very fast and are $0.000001. Blockchain grades payments and processes them quickly. This is important.

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