The rapid growth of the cryptocurrency world and its appeal to the metaverse caused it to intersect with the gaming industry.
So much so that now the items in the games are sold as NFT, the in-game effort can be converted into real money.
In simple terms, the system of winning the game while playing the game is called “Play to Earn”.

How to make money with Play-to-Earn games?
If you want to participate in a play-to-earn game and earn money from this game, you must first open an account from one of the crypto money wallets supported by the game. Then you can log in to the game with your wallet.

In general, you need to make a certain investment in order to earn satisfactory amounts of money in play-to-earn games.
For example, in Alien Worlds, although you are given a starting vehicle, it will not be enough. You want to get better tools, avatars, lands to mine more tokens during the day.
These are sold as “NFTs” in the game’s marketplace. Trading these NFTs is like buying and selling any NFT; that is, both NFT has a certain fee and you pay a transaction fee.
Therefore, in order to earn income from play-to-earn games, you should usually keep the game’s token in your wallet.

Some Play2Earn Game

Axie Infinity

It is one of the first games that come to mind when P2E is mentioned. In this card game, we enter PvP battles by collecting creatures with various characteristics, called Axie, and we earn AXS according to the results of these battles.


Decentraland is a virtual reality platform that calls itself a ‘Virtual world’, where players can buy and sell land.
Players alone decide what will be on their land. To personalize your avatar in this game that you can play both on Windows and on the browser.
You can buy and sell items and lands you can use in exchange for crypto money.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds, which contains the cards in it as NFT, is basically a card game.
There are many different types of cards (NFTs) in the game such as characters, weapons. The game is based on the interaction of these cards.

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