OpenSea announced in a tweet that it will also support the Solana blockchain.In the post, the phrase “Web3’s best kept secret” was used, and the tweets that users sent to the company about Solana were also shown in the teaser. It was assumed that OpenSea was working on the integration of Solana.

The company showed April for Solana NFT support. When OpenSea brings such support, Solana enters into a direct competition with Magic Eden, the leader in NFT sales. According to the official Twitter account of the NFT giant, Solana NFTs may be included in OpenSea within the next month.
By December 2021, Solana had hosted more than 400 fashion shows, NFTS and Web3 projects. Since December, this number has been increasing.

with a market capitalization of $1.5 billion, Solana has the second largest NFT ecosystem after Ethereum. It also houses collections such as Solana, Solana Monkey Business, Degenerate Ape Academy and Aurory. The reason why users prefer Solana is as follows; It is faster than Ethereum. And it is positioned as a lower cost option. Solana’s games will be meeting with OpenSea-supported NFTs soon. It is possible to say that in the long term we will hear a lot of the name of Solana projects.

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