The Italian brand Off-White officially accepts crypto currency payments in its stores in London, Paris and Milan. Officially joined the crypto revolution.Philipp Plein was one of the first entrepreneurs of the crypto currency in the fashion industry. Plein had informed the press that they had earned 150 Bitcoin in revenue. Off-White began accepting payments in Bitcoin, BNB, Ethereum, Ripple and Tether, as well as USDC Coin cryptocurrencies.

Brand spokesperson,

This is another important step in the growth of the brand, which looks to the future, including Web 3.0 technologies, understands the needs and wishes of an ever-evolving customer base

Off-White noted that they are also aware of the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, which, if not closely monitored, have the potential to experience a major decline in their value. It announced the use of LUNA POS, a payment terminal, to reduce this risk. Also, who buys products using cryptocurrencies. Customers wishing to return later will receive a refund in their local currency.

This is the main reason Off-White is embracing cryptocurrencies. Targeting the younger generation who are enthusiastic about the wealth class and see fashion as an investment opportunity

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