Move to Earn is a model where users can earn money thanks to their daily movements, with a technology that tracks and measures human movement.
These projects aim to generate income for users by acting.
They can benefit from this system when they do sports, walk, run, that is, whenever they are on the move.
The first project under the name Move to Earn was released in the last quarter of 2021. With this concept, people allow them to earn money with their daily movements.
On the other hand, it has also been a source of motivation for people who want to move.

This project is similar to the Play to Earn project, which allows people to earn money by playing video games.
The advantage of the Move-to-Earn model over Play-to-Earn is that users do not need to be constantly connected to their phones.
Users only need to be physically active for a certain amount of time as certain rewards are earned in exchange for certain times.
The profit obtained in this way is received in ways such as coins or NFT. Users can convert their earnings into fiat money or use it as an investment tool.

How to Work Move to Earn System ?

Move to Earn apps detect users’ movements with GPS tracking and motion sensors.
In this way, he can also distinguish what his action is. Different gains can be obtained while walking, running, dancing or doing sports.
Your gains while running are usually greater than when you are walking.


STEPN is almost one of the most well-known M2E cryptos. It is an M2E application located on the Solana network.
GameFi and SocialFi elements encourage users to act for rewards.
Conditions to act to earn STEPN tokens, which can then be used to print NFT Sneakers or, as the name suggests, exchanged for stablecoins.
One of the two native tokens of STEPN is the STEPN token. Running, exercising and participating in various gaming events earn you GST utility tokens.
The GST token can be used to unlock, mint, repair or level up Sneakers and other game items, or can be exchanged for the USDC stable token.
Players can earn the GMT token as a governance token by participating and running in-game events. The GMT token is then used to distribute profits and high-level gaming events.

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