Manchester City, one of the legendary clubs of the Premier League, took action. Japanese technology giant Sony will enter the Metaverse universe, one of the most striking developments of the last period. According to the agreement, Sony became the official virtual fan interaction partner of Manchester City.

In parallel with the collaboration, he entered the metaverse world of Manchester City’s stadium. Manchester City was chosen as the “Most Innovative Sports Club in the World” by the Sports Innovation Lab and became Sony’s first partner in the metaverse.

AThis has been a pretty quiet announcement for investors. But the entry of a universal sport such as football into the metaverse created great excitement. Among these companies is Samsung. dec. “Investors should see the metaverse as the digitization of human activity and the transformation of everything that is not transforming,” said Simon Powell. The collaboration between Sony and Manchester City took place. He said that similar metaverse projects will contribute to the simultaneous reflection of real-world activities in the virtual world and the two spaces.

Powell explained that this process will require more and more processor power and wearable devices. Semiconductor chip, sensor, camera manufacturers will benefit from this situation. Powell said, “Think about the excitement that internet investments create at the initial stage. Nvidia, the US chipmaker, and Taiwan’s TSMC, the companies said that demand from the metaverse is steadily increasing.

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