Elon Musk’s Twitter Game

How is Elon Musk manipulating the market? It is the digital market that has overtaken giant brands with its presence. These coins, which have a market volume of $2.5 trillion, rise and fall momentarily. So, how does one determine the value of digital currencies, the rules of which are not yet clear?

Manipulation and speculation naturally occur in every investment vehicle. Those who apply for this path are followed by severe penalties if they are caught. In this new digital world, the rules are not clear yet. Therefore, it is possible to talk about a market that is open to all kinds of manipulation. So who is the biggest speculator of this new investment world?

Elon Musk flew crypto coins with a tweet. With just a few tweets…

What is Elon Musk’s Purpose?

Elon Musk marks the entire field on Earth with Tesla, except for Earth with SpaceX. Musk has another hobby besides producing transportation vehicles, directing the cryptocurrency market. Sometimes he does this directly by calling it a coin, and sometimes by hinting at a coin. Elon Musk’s statements are causing storms in the coin market…

“So… it’s finally come this far,” Musk tweeted on February 7, pointing to Dogecoin. Dogecoin rose by 64.26%. On February 24, he again wrote “Literally” on Twitter. Dogecoin, which is $0.0413, started the rally… By May 8, it grew by 1690.21 percent and saw $0.74. Bitcoin, which traded around 50 thousand dollars, rose by 28.64% to $64,854 by April 14. Musk changed his mind on May 13. He said that the sale of Tesla with Bitcoin has been suspended, and Bitcoin has had a negative impact on energy consumption. In a short time, Bitcoin declined to 38 thousand dollar levels.

Elon Musk continues to tweet, and the coin market continues to fluctuate. In the process, Musk’s fortune is also constantly growing. The most important reason why Musk hit the target of all these statements in the direction he wants is that the coin market is uncontrolled. In other words, the coin market is very suitable for people who hold a lot of capital in their hands and are closely familiar with the public to keep control. Perhaps, with a tweet that will be posted soon, someone will become rich, and someone will be from their savings. It may even be enough for someone to whisper about it.

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