Dutch 21-year-old Stijn van Schaik sold his ‘soul’ to NFT. This sale took place for $377. Stijn van Schaik sold his soul at OpenSea as NFT. In the area where Schaik sold his soul at OpenSea, he made the following sentences.

“Hello human, welcome to my profile. I’m selling my soul here. Don’t hesitate to ask me anything about me or my soul while I still have it.”


Stijn, who uses the nickname ”Stinus”, has opened a website for this initiative. The site contains a contract that specifies in what ways the soul can be used. Among the dec that the person who bought the soul can do are:

Claiming to be the owner of the soul in question. Complete or partial transfer of the soul to a person or institution for any reason. To sacrifice him, in whole or in part, to a god or a spiritual being. The use of the soul for a purpose that will reduce its value, quantity or essence, or include it in a larger whole.

According to Crypto Insiders, the “soul” was mined on the Polygon platform, which is compatible with Ethereum. Stijn says he wants to introduce different forms of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Stijn van Schaik earned $377 with his NFT sale. The soul of Schaik is currently worth 1040 ETH, or 3 million 672 thousand dollars.

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